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Tandem Paragliding flights over the San Francisco Peninsula.

Take to the sky!

Tandem Paragliding


Have you ever dreamt of flying, soaring through the air like a bird? With no prior experience, you can safely fly with one of our professional Tandem Instructors. This is your chance to experience the dream. Through paragliding you'll experience the freedom of flight!


After a short instructional briefing you'll be securely fastened into a comfortable flying harness. Positioned in front of the pilot you'll have the best views possible.

Soar with us

The best views on the coast

Flying with our certified instructors up to 1,500' above the coastal bluffs on clear days we get views of the Golden Gate bridge, Sutro Tower, and San Francisco.

Interested in wildlife? During most flights we share the air with local birds such as red-tailed hawks, shearwaters, pellicans and sea-gulls. Most flights you'll also see sealions sunning themselves on rocks just beyond the beach. In mid-summer months we frequently see migrating whales and even dolphins!

Frequently Asked



What age restrictions are there?

Anyone can fly but passengers under 18 must have a parent present. Passengers must also be capable of running a few steps on take-off and landing.

Is there a weight restriction?

Passengers must weight over 50lbs and less than 220lbs. This range ensures we stay within the certified weight for the glider.

Can we fly any day?

Coastal soaring requires specific wind conditions. While we do fly most days it's weather dependent. During winter months (Nov - Feb) easterly winds do not allow for flying the coast.

How long is the flight?

Flights typically last 20 - 30 minutes. Some times the weather may end our flight early and it is not possible to try again. In this case the cost of your flight will be discounted.

Can I take photos or video?

Absolutely! Photos to remember your flight are encouraged! If you bring a camera / smartphone / gopro we strongly recommend you have a strap or some way to ensure you cannot drop it.

What should I wear?

Layer up and dress warm. Paragliders have an average speed of 20mph and the temperature drops with elevation. You wouldn't ride a scooter in San Francisco without a jacket would you? Long pants and protective footwear are also strongly suggested. Open toed shoes are not permitted.


Where We Fly

20 minutes south of San Francisco
between Daly City and Pacifica.


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$198 per person

$50 Deposit plus Taxes & Fees per person due at booking.
Remaining balance of $148 per person is due after your flight.

For groups of more than 6 please contact us for special rates and availability.

Full Payment / Gift certificate redemption

Closed for the season

The flying season is over.


The flying season is March 1st to October 31st but actual conditions may vary.
Check back next year for details on the upcoming season.

See you in !